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My life in a few lines (2014) :



Why such an "homepage" on the Internet? My main purpose was to publish some old papers that people keep asking me for (the kind of thing you only can find in some obscure specialised French libraries). Another goal was to give the world some amount of explanation about my personal career, which is frequently found to be an "atypical" one for a psychoanalyst and social scientist, even in France. The problem with homepages, I believe, is how to show a big part of oneself on the Web and trying to avoid the naïve narcissism that one currently can see on numerous homepages (a few, however, turn ably this lovely evil into fun. My solution to this is to bring just a very short factual life-story, but stuffed with a large number of cliquable links, here in blue, to other websites, where eventually aroused curiosity may be further satisfied. The first application of this principle in 1997 gave this : 

I was born in 1940 in a Spanish-republican family living in exile in the Dominican Republic, and I spent my childhood in Venezuela (Caracas), in France ( in Prades, Pyr. Orientales, where I used to play in Pablo Casal's garden) ;  later in Nogent s/ Marne, in Belgium (Brussels), and in Holland (the Hague), where I arrived in 1953.  I wanted to be an aeronautical engineer, but when I discovered Le Corbusier I saw architecture as my destiny.  Indeed, after some years studying in Milano and Delft, I finally choose for urban sociology in Paris (La Sorbonne, 1965-1969), and for psychoanalysis (which I practice since 1975).  Maybe because Le Corbusier, when I was sixteen, wrote back to my asking about where one should best study architecture : "All schools are bad, get out your bourgeois slippers and just live!", I of course never managed to find any really convincing school for architecture, for psychoanalysis, or even any school of thought, though I have tried lots of them... My staying out of institutions possibly earned me, however, the personal friendship of Georges Devereux, who was amused to guide my psychoanalytical training. I feel very close too to the radical thinking of a Cornelius Castoriadis (which the conservative Devereux never could appreciate !). At the end, I appear to have somehow become a French  social scientist, and the best psychoanalyst in my street (a lot of colleagues seem to think they are the best in the world). And quite pleased to be just that. It's of course often a dog's life (the thing the French call "galères"), but from time to time it can be fascinating. After half a century, my main interests stay focused on the same things :  aeroplanes, architecture, revolutions of any kind, those of human body shapes during hominization included, and psychoanalytical anthropology in general.

As to the rest, my really private life does only concern very few persons, and I certainly will not exhibit it here nor on Facebook and so !  I thank you for your kind visit, and maybe for your messages and reactions to this site, to which I always answer. But don't feel obliged to write, you are welcome as a silent person as well. 

And more... This "webbiography" of 1997 aroused a lot of reactions. Some architects wanted me to be more explicit, asking me to answer to ten questions : click here for more (in French).



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